Celebration Crew


Host a bake sale!

Donate a Cake!

How to become a part of our Celebration CREW!! 

How to become a part of our Celebration CREW!! Step 1. Join our celebration crew online. Take the Serve Safe Food Handlers Certification. Provide a copy of your certification to CELEBRATE with a Cake! This will give you access to the Celebrate Cake task list calendar. Step 2. Choose a cake from our calendar! Step 3. Bake and decorate your cake with the guidelines that were stated in your training. Step 4. TAKE PICTURES of your CAKE!! Box up your cake and transport it to the agency. Drop off your cake and CELEBRATE that you just made a child's special day GREATER!! 

Where are we located?

We are a new non profit and we are expanding.  Right now we are located in Houston and surrounding areas.   

Is there a requirment on how many times I need to bake?

No, there is no requirements on how many times you need to bake.  You are able to choose cakes with the date and the delivery area that are right for you.  

How do we determine who we serve?

We serve children of organization (such as school systems, equine therapy centers, foster care systems) that we are affiliated with.

Do I have to deliver the cake?

Yes all cakes will be delivered to agreed upon location.

What about dietary restrictions?

The family /caregiver fills out a questionnaire that will inform us of any allergies.

Is my donation tax deductible?

According to the IRS rules, your time is not deductible but all your supplies and mileage are tax deductible. 

What should I do if I am no longer able to make the cake?

Life happens and if you need to cancel due to illness or another situation,we request that you contact a Celebrate with a cake representative and they will make arrangements for the delivery of the cake.

Does it matter if you are a beginner baker?

No, as long you can bake a box cake and icing it to the best of your ability. All that is required is a food and safety course.

Is there an minimum age to bake?  Can my child bake with me?

You as our volunteer must be at least 18 years old.  We love little( under 18) bakers, we just asked that they are supervised with an adult (the volunteer in good standing) at all times to prevent any accidents.  This is for liability/insurance issues.