Celebrating Extravagant Luxury Events Bigheartly unRestricting Autistic and Tutelage care children Everywhere.

Celebrate with a cake is powered with a group of volunteers that bakes and delivers personalized cakes to foster care kids and to kids with disabilities.  We try to reach kids and their care givers to create a memory that is personalized to the likes of the child which can make a huge difference in a child's self esteem and confidence level.  

 For Some kids Birthdays are overlooked!!

 Our Mission 

Our mission is to create a world that everyone is celebrated.

Celebrate with a cake wants to empower youth and their caregivers to make their lifestyle situations more encouraging to help aid in youth success while building a healthier community.  By providing a celebratory cake made for them gives them confidence an optimism  about the socioeconomic situations that they face. 

Our mission focuses on creating custom cakes for children that will provide a temporary escape from worry for their caregiver and themself which will create  positive memories. Creating memories linger for the child and the caregiver. 

Our founder owns a bakery but she is not able to create all of the cakes.  We rely on a team of volunteers spread throughout the Texas area to fulfill our mission  Will you join us in helping to create memories and celebrating children


Our Programs 

Sensory Celebrations

This program focuses on providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to celebrate their celebration with specially adapted cakes to meet their needs. As you may be aware, individuals with disabilities often face numerous challenges and barriers in their daily lives. It is crucial to ensure that they are not excluded from the simple joys of life, such as celebrating their annual milestones and with their loved ones. Celebrations hold significant importance for everyone, regardless of their abilities, and we believe that every person deserves a chance to experience joy and celebration on their day. 

Cakes for Kids

This program is an initiative that aims to acknowledge the celebration of foster children who often lack a stable and nurturing environment. Our program seeks to create personalized cakes to celebrate these occasions, allowing these children to feel cherished and loved, even amidst adversity. 


Contact celebrate_withacake@yahoo.com to get more information on the projects