How does it work?

Celebrate with a cake is powered by a group of amazing and compassionate group of volunteers. Our volunteers personlize the cakes that they bake and then deliver them at the meeting spot set up by the caregiver.   

We have partnered with orgizations and school systems for request for cakes.

Does it matter if you are a beginner baker?

No, as long you can bake a box cake and icing it to the best of your ability. All that is required is a food and safety course.

Is my donation tax deductible?

According to the IRS rules, your time is not deductible but all your supplies, mileage. and donations are tax deductible. 

Is there a minimum age to bake? Can my  child help me bake?

You as our volunteer must be at least 18 years old.  We love little( under 18) bakers, we just asked that they are supervised with an adult (the volunteer in good standing) at all times to prevent any accidents.  This is for liability/insurance issues.  

Who do we serve?

Foster care agencies, Churches, school systems, other 501c3 Nonprofits servicing children